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Department of Computer Science

Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University

Master of Science (Information Technology)

Course Name
CCCS101 Advanced Web Programming
CCCS102 Mobile Computing
CCCS103 Data warehousing and Data mining
CCCS104 Practical Based on CCCS726
CCCS105 Practical Based on CCCS727 and Elective Courses
CECS101 Advanced Operating Systems
CECS103 Enterprise Resource Planning
CCCS201 Advanced Java Programming
CCCS202 Cryptography
CCCS203 Artificial Intelligence
CCCS204 Practical Based on PS CCCS201
CCCS205 Practical Based on PS CCCS203
CECS204 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
CECS206 Embedded System
CCCS306 Data Science
CCCS307 Advanced Networking
CCCS308 Practical / Viva Voce Based on CCCS306
CCCS309 Practical / Viva Voce Based on CCCS307 and Elective Courses
CCCS310 Project
CECS305 Research Methodology
CECS306 System Software
CCCS401 Industrial Project